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Our Mission

At Kumzits Everywhere we create free musical events where Jews can unite, connect, and sing.

It's crucial for us, now more than ever, to spark souls through the warmth of Judaism- THE MUSIC.

Kumzits Everywhere Bikur Cholim

When people think of the sick, they empathize with their pain, but often forget about the loneliness that accompanies it.

Think of the joy you get by meeting up with friends and making new ones. Being stuck in hospitals or residences prevent these experiences and this loneliness often turns into depression.

Our mission is to combat this by bringing the kumzits to them.  Not only does music heal, but so does meeting great, new people who support them in their fight to get well.

LONELY NO MORE - KE Campaign to Fight Loneliness and Help the Sick and Elderly

For our 4 year birthday, Kumzits Everywhere is launching a major campaign to make 1000 kumzitses in hospitals, nursing homes, and special needs residences. We don't have a large platform or big directories, so we are relying 100% on you. Please donate today to help us bring love, companionship, joy, and music to the people who need it most- the ones who are alone and can't come to us.

If you have tzedaka to give, please help Kumzits Everywhere Bikur Cholim


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