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Imagine having a book containing- the lyrics (with nekudos), transliterations, translations, sources & p'sukim, and song credits including the composer, arranger, lyricist, producer, album and year- for every Mordechai Ben David song ever released on all his solo albums.  I have dreamed about this for years, and now it's finally available!

Additionally, the book contains a link to a 30 second sample of each song's verse and chorus for identification purposes. During the sample the video cycles through the album covers/inserts/PDF.  The description contains links to Spotify and Mostly Music to support the artists and purchase the song/album.

More features:

- Seider Shabbos (Shalom Aleichem, Eishes Chayil, Kiddush), Birkas Hamazon/Brachos Acharonos, Sheva Brachos

- Hebrew and English Table of Contents

- Special Occasion Index (songs related to specific yomim tovim and simchas)

- Beautiful cover art (Front: a canvas textured photo of MBD live on stage. Back: A collage of every MBD album cover).


Much time and love were put into the creation of this book- you can't even imagine. I just hope you get as much satisfaction out of it as I do.


Shlomo Mehlman | Book Creator

Shabbos Table Songbook: 50 Years of MBD

  • Total Pages: 340

    Number of Songs: 307

    Number of Albums: 33 + singles

    Additional Songs from non-MBD Albums- Yossi Green's Anovim Anovim & Yeedle's V'zakeinu

    Created by Shlomo Mehlman

    Translated by EB Bruckenstein

    Size: Soft Cover- 6 x 9 x 0.75 in.; Hard Cover- 6.25 x 9.25 x 1 in.

    Weight: Soft Cover- 1.6 lbs; Hard Cover- 1.9 lbs

  • We hope you greatly enjoy your book. If for some reason you want to return it, you have 14 days from the delivery date to do so as long as the book is in brand new condition. You will be responsible for return shipping. If the book shows signs of wear and tear, we unfortunately cannot accept the return and you will be responsible for the shipping cost back to you.

    If there is delivery damage, you have 2 days from the delivery date to file a return. A return authorization and shipping label will be sent to you.

    All books are subject to wear and tear. Kumzits Everywhere, LLC cannot be held responsible for rough handling of books. If, however, your book has been handled properly but damage occurred due to a printing/press error, we will accept returns 30 days after the delivery date. A return authorization and shipping label will be sent to you.

    For any questions, please reach out to us at

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